The Power of the Media In Crime

There is an account of a restaurant cook accused of stabbing her manager when he tried to fire her.

The woman allegedly stabbed the manager in the stomach with a box cutter. This is an awful incident but it even gets worse from there.

The restaurant manager said the woman and her daughter came into the restaurant to collect some items after being fired. Next, there was a fight allegedly because of the firing.

The fight started inside the restaurant, and then moved out into the parking lot. The woman and the manager called in family and friends to get involved. The stabbing victim kept fighting even after he had been seriously cut.

Customers of a nearby comic book store saw the fighting once it spilled out into the parking lot. They locked the doors and watched through the window, not believing the scene they were witnessing.

The stabbing victim went to the hospital in critical condition. The victim's wife was also injured.

The suspect's brother was hit over the head with a chair.

Can you even imagine this scene? Here is a woman who goes to get her daughter to remove her things from her place of employment. Well... former place of employment. For whatever reason, she takes the situation seriously enough to grab a box cutter and attempt to take a man's life. Even though this is a very serious situation, and I know jobs are hard to come by, but there is absolutely no reason for any situation like this to ever happen.

This goes to show that anything can happen at any time. You must protect yourself. Anger and Emotions cause misjudgments.

The manager could have armed himself with a non-lethal gadget like a stun gun, taser, or a pepper spray. These gadgets help stop this type of aggression and help prevent these types of incidents from escalating to the level of a parking lot death match. Being hit over the head with chairs, stabbed, and the manager only trying to do his job ending up in critical condition all reminds me of the wild west. Don't let this kind of thing happen to you. Protect yourself.

The media plays a very powerful role when it comes to crime. In this day of 24/7 news, one can know about crimes almost as they are happening. Further, the media has a way of adding in dept discussions about some criminal acts, as well as getting pertinent information out to the public. In some cases the information released by the media helps to solve crimes; however, sometimes, law enforcement agencies do not like media reports that compromise some cases.

Worldwide coverage of crime has grown with technology, and with the interest of people who want connections with real events in an informative and entertaining medium.

Article Source: Clinton Bates

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