Taser Guns - Safe or Not?

There is a debate that has been going on over the years regarding the use of taser guns. For some people it is safe to use but for some it could be dangerous. It could not be denied that taser guns have been instrumental in catching criminals without causing permanent injuries to them and various crimes have been prevented because of its use in the past years. On the other hand however, it is also a fact that taser guns have caused accidental injuries and there were even reports that its use could be fatal. Because of these reasons, the use of this self-defense weapon is not legalized in all countries. While it is allowed in most countries, it is not permitted in some.

Different companies manufacturing taser guns have continued to strive in creating a model that is safe to use and at the same time efficient. People have witnessed different versions of this weapon made throughout the years. As the years go by, a more modern and safer model is developed and released in the market.

Reasons Why Taser Guns Are Your Best Self-Defense Weapons

With crime rates increasing in several countries, discovering ways to defend your self is very essential these days. Though there are police authorities to protect us, it would still make a difference if we know how we can escape and avoid attackers or criminals. Taser guns are first developed for police use but later on, it became available commercially to be used by the public. Modern taser guns though still come in 2 different models, the one for military or police use and the other one for civilians.

Are tasers legal? Yes, they are legal in most countries but there are other countries that still prohibit its usage. For countries who allow the use of this weapon, this is fast becoming popular since it is one of the most effective types of self-defense weapons. There are various reasons why it is very effective and people should have no doubts about getting one for them. We could not deny the fact that there are many criminals out there and that we do not know if we will be attacked and when where we will be attacked.

Effective Self Defense Weapons - Stun Guns and Taser Guns

While some people opt to learn self defense methods such as martial arts and other ways which involves physical contact, different firms are developing ways to use technology to help us protect ourselves from any criminal. With the development of taser guns and stun guns, we could now rely on modern gadgets to defend ourselves. These weapons have been a great help for both police officers and ordinary citizens. Crime rates could definitely be lessened and one of the best ways to do it is to use self defense weapons such as a stun gun or a taser gun. Criminals would definitely hesitate to rob or attack anyone knowing that any individual may possess weapons to protect themselves.

The benefits provided by use of self-defense weapons could not be denied. Authorities would not need to resort to physical contact when subduing criminals and the use of real guns could be prevented. 

Self Defense With Pepper Spray

Proper use of pepper spray can be an effective first line of defense during an attack. Self defense pepper spray can quickly immobilize perpetrators and aggressive animals. With effects lasting as long as 45 minutes, these sprays give potential victims ample time to flee the scene and secure help from law enforcement.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is derived from chili peppers. The effectiveness of pepper spray is measured in Scoville Heat Units, or SHU. Most canisters purchased by consumers carry a strength of 2,000,000 SHU. Law enforcement pepper spray can carry a higher intensity of up to an average of 5,300,000 SHU.

Pepper spray works by causing intense inflammation. When sprayed into the eyes, it immediately causes swelling that involuntarily closes the eyelids and produces an agonizing burning sensation. 

Self Defense - Learn How To Defend Yourself On The Cheap

Sometime when you have absolutely nothing else to do, look at the Yellow Pages under self-defense classes. There you will see listings for hundreds of people who can teach you self-defense. It involves a big time and money commitment on your part. There's not only the class time but the time getting there and back. Then there's the money. They are not cheap. And on top of that you have absolutely no idea wh`t background the person has who is teaching the class. He may be the real estate agent in town or the barber down the road. And nothing against barbers or real estate agents but...

But when you want to learn something, anything, doesn't it make sense to learn from the best? They have the experience and the know how to teach you things that the others may never learn.

We have always recommended that the foundation for a good self-defense strategy is a self-defense course then followed by getting some self-defense products. 

Personal Defense Products: Non Lethal Choices - The Top Three

Self-defense and personal defense are human rights that are as old as the hills, at least in free societies like ours. Ever since biblical times man has defended himself-sometimes with weapons. When you say the word 'weapons', most people think of deadly force. And indeed there are over 200 million handguns alone in the United States. But deadly force is responsible for partially spawning the idea of nonlethal choices for personal defense products and personal security products.

The idea of killing someone for stealing your purse or assaulting you not only is grossly unfair but to many it's downright repugnant. A goodly number of Americans do not believe in deadly force. Therein lies part of the success of the personal defense products and personal security products industry which has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years especially.

Here we will review the top three nonlethal choices for personal defense products that people use for self-defense, personal safety and personal security.

Self Defense - Five Products For Runners, Walkers and Cyclists

Many perverts who get their kicks by attacking women think that women are particularly vulnerable when they're out exercising. Women who are walkers, runners and cyclists often go in the early morning or late evening hours after they are done with their work. Those are times when most running, walking and cycling paths are fairly deserted so an assailant may feel slightly emboldened.

But self-defense product manufacturers are highly in tune with their customers so they have developed self-defense products specifically for walkers, runners and cyclists to improve their self-defense and their personal safety.

Here are several products that are specifically designed for walkers, runners and cyclists to keep them safe while they are exercising no matter the time of day or night.

Preventing a Personal Attack Using Self Defense

Preventing a personal attack can be a challenge if you haven't been taught techniques needed in this type of situation. However, preventing a personal attack using self defense techniques can be quite effective if you've had the opportunity to utilize instructional fighting DVDs. You'll be happy to know that there are instructional videos available that can help you when it comes to advanced combat tactics, Delta seal techniques, unarmed combat, Indian fighting skills, getting yourself in a self-defense fighting mindset, as well as additional informative videos on a variety of other types of fighting styles. Here you will discover how you can get involved with learning how to protect yourself by utilizing some of the information on self-defense DVDs.

Preventing a personal attack can be a challenge if you haven't been taught techniques needed in this type of situation. However, preventing a personal attack using self defense techniques can be quite effective if you've had the opportunity to utilize instructional fighting DVDs. 

Self Defense: College Campus Co-Eds Need Personal Defense Products-Three Suggestions

Every year thousands of high school graduates head off to college. It is truly a momentous occasion filled with anxiety and joy both for the parents and the new college student. What neither one of them knows is exactly how dangerous college campuses can be.

Officials like to portray their universities as serene, peaceful places and go to a lot of trouble to portray that image with great looking campuses. Underneath the veneer lies a variety of potential problems.

First of all, college campuses act as a magnet for lowlife perverts who see rich college co-eds as targets for all sorts of criminal activity from robbery to assault and everything in between. If that isn't bad enough, you have young adult males who are brimming over with testosterone. Add into that equation some drugs, alcohol and very pretty female co-eds and you have a recipe for all kinds of potentially dangerous situations.

Domestic Violence Rears Ugly Head - Develop An Exit Strategy

I was doing some research on another topic the other day and ran across a snippet out of a newspaper that caught my eye. It talked about some of the reasons that domestic violence is on the increase. As if women didn't have enough to worry about in protecting themselves, now there is one more factor - the economy.

To quote the article "Domestic violence shelters across the country report the economy continues to significantly affect battered women and children. According to a national study, domestic violence shelters have reported a 78 percent increase in women seeking assistance since 2008.

The report also indicates 74 percent of victims stayed with an abusive partner longer because of financial issues, and 58 percent of shelters reported that abuse is more violent than before 2008."