Another Reason Why Women Need Self-Defense Items

In case you didn't know this, women are the targets of violence in nine out of every ten cases according to police statistics. All you have to do is look at a police blotter sometime to get an idea that this is true. They are the victims of assaults, robbery, even home invasions in a disproportionate number of times.

If that isn't reason enough for women to carry and use self-defense items then here's one more. There was an article recently in a newspaper in Columbia, Missouri about how all of the shelters for women there had more customers than ever before all because of domestic violence and the economy. Like there needed to be another reason for women to be careful and learn how to defend themselves.

The article went on to say that shelters all over the country are reporting that the economy is having a devastating effect on domestic violence when it comes to women and children. 

They point out, for example, that women who might ordinarily leave a domestically violent situation don't for fear of financial reasons. With jobs hard to find, women are forced to think twice about leaving a desperate situation. Shelters that rely on public assistance and public donations are having a hard time making ends meet because of the economy too.

Police respond differently to domestic violence calls than they do to other calls-maybe because they do it more often.

If women know that they are going to be targets of violence at some point in their lives, then they can take some precautionary measures and preemptive steps to prepare themselves for that eventuality to ensure their personal safety and personal security.

The first thing they can do is take some basic courses in self-defense. I have always been a proponent of teaching the principles of self-defense in grade school. That way as years go on and they practice those principles, they are honed into skills that will last the rest of their lives.

Then the next step is to get some self-defense products such as a stun gun, a pepper spray or maybe even a personal alarm. Self-defense products can disable an assailant for as much as 45 minutes. That time can be used to seek help or get away. In the case of a Personal Alarm it can draw attention to your situation even if you're in a remote area such as a parking lot. Many personal alarms can be heard from as far as a quarter of a mile away. They also act to scare away an attacker.

Don't be a victim. Take some preemptive steps to learn how to defend yourself in an assault situation. Self-defense classes and self-defense items like pepper sprays are a critical part of that preparation to ensure personal safety and personal security.

Article Source: Bryan J Buckner

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