Bugs - A Help to Women's Self-Defense

As you can easily find out, in recent days newspapers and TV are increasingly focusing on stories of stalking and violence against women, probably because of the high number of crimes committed. According to scholars, one possible solution would be dialogue and psychological support to help these women to report the abuse.

Nevertheless, sometimes words are not enough and do not serve to make the victims feel safe in all their movements and daily routine.

It is in these situations that you can find very useful some advanced technological devices, increasingly used even for self-defense purposes. Depending on your needs, on the market you can find several types of listening devices.

They range from audio bugs which possess an unlimited network coverage, and which can be controlled at a great distance, to covert hidden cameras, which allow to videotape what is happening in the surrounding environment and display it at any time.

Besides the audio bugs, women who feel in danger may also use micro digital voice recorders and GPS trackers, so that their loved ones can always know their position, or even a GSM bug with GPS locator, which allows not only to check the geographical location of the person who is carrying the device, but also to listen and record what is happening around her and, in case of danger, to intervene.

These devices, through a simple telephone call, allow to listen to everything is happening in the place where it is concealed, with unlimited network coverage. Bugs can be remotely controlled from any location of the world, bringing the listener and the person under surveillance at a close distance, even though they are thousands of miles apart; all this with a flawless audio quality. In fact, with them you can easily even catch background noises, thanks to a highly sensitive microphone.

Low-cost and simple to use, they can be bought and used by anyone who needs to be controlled at distance or who needs to put under surveillance a particular place.

For example, they have turned out to be very useful to control your house or your office when you are on holiday, allowing you to immediately prevent burglary.

In short, these state-of-the-art micro digital voice recorders and listening devices can really improve your life, as they make your loved places and people safer with just one telephone call to the number listed in your device. Just one call to immediately check what is happening around.

Article Source: F. Bitetti

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