Are Tasers Legal? Things to Know About Owning Tasers

Many people have heard of the Taser line of special defense weapons. But the name is often where most people's experience with Tasers disappears. Often Tasers are mistaken with most non-Taser stun guns. What are the differences? Are tasers legal? Are Tasers the best stun gun? What variety of tasers are available? Can you buy a taser online? These are all questions that are very easy to answer and actually need very little time to do so.

What's the difference between a Taser and a stun gun? Well, Taser is a brand name of a company called Taser International. But Taser and stun gun aren't as interchangeable as Xerox and "copy" or Kleenex and "facial tissue". Most stun guns need you to start physical contact with your attacker by touching him or her with the prongs of the gun, initiating the flow of the electric currents into their body. However, there are a lot of advanced air tasers available as well. 

These air tasers make it easy to deliver strong, immobilizing electric shocks from up to fifteen feet away, thereby giving you even more safety in the process.

Tasers are legal in many states - and you can buy one online -- mainly because they are not considered firearms like real guns. Most states, however, do carry some specific restrictions on the sale or possession of a Taser. Some states do actually need a Taser registration as if it were a handgun for personal use. For example, many states have stringent regulations on using them in public or in sensitive places such as a gaming establishment or a place where liquors sold. And some states, such as New York, do not allow personal citizens to carry tasers at all, and will charge a citizen with a misdemeanor if they violate this particular code. Massachusetts law, in particular, states that no private citizen can own electrical weapons, and any one that does will pay any number of cash from $500 up to $1000! That's a lot of money. You could also do some serious jail time - six months to two years in prison - and still pay the fine.

Although self-preservation and self-defense are important to uphold, it is also important to check the particular state and federal regulations for any item that might do harm to another person, to make sure that you are not violating any laws when you are protecting yourself. Test have shown these devices are more effective than your .9mm.

Article Source: Clinton Bates

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