Self-Defense Devices in Different Forms

The popularity of surveillance cameras and home security devices proves that people are now putting more effort in making sure that their home is secure and protected from various threats. In the outside world, we are not always secure and protected, but we can at least be equipped with self-defense devices like taser guns, stun gun, and pepper sprays.

Pepper Sprays
Most people are familiar with this common form of self-defense device, which is the pepper spray. Also known as OC gas or OC spray, these are small and handy containers that have chemical compounds that irritate the eye and cause pain, tears, coughing, temporary blindness, and difficulty in breathing. A burning reaction and pain in the face, nose and throat are side effects that may last for several minutes to 4 hours.

Taser Guns
Tasers or taser guns are electrical devices that send shocks to a person, leading to momentary paralysis and brief pain.

Unlike pepper sprays, taser gun effects are quick, and the person will be restored of his or her muscle movements soon enough. However, there are certain controversies surrounding the use of tasers. There are reports of death after being subjected to the shocks. But in most cases, 99.75% of people recover without suffering severe side effects. Due to the controversies, many are questioning whether it is safe to legalize the use of tasers. Well, are tasers legal? It depends on the state and city you are in. In California, for example, the use of taser guns is allowed. In other states like Hawaii, New York, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin, tasers are banned.

Stun Guns
Compared to a taser gun that can be fired at 15 feet away, a stun gun is a device that is used in direct contact with the targeted person. While there is only one manufacturer for taser guns, there are many shapes, sizes, and designs of stun guns today. The effects are mostly the same for both. Thus, the state laws regarding a taser gun also applies to a stun gun.

It also comes in the form of cell phone stun gun. A cell phone disguised as a stun gun makes it unnoticeable, giving you the chance for a quick surprise attack against your assailant.

A mace or chemical mace is properly known as tear gas. It is an aerosol spray that becomes active when released by a user. It is a non-lethal chemical that has similar active ingredients contained in pepper spray. Therefore, it also has the same side effects. In this case, however, a chemical mace has a larger scale effect and is often used in law enforcement.

Whatever type of self-defense tool you want to equip yourself with, make sure you are abiding by state laws, especially in the use of a stun gun and taser gun. Are tasers legal? Are stun guns banned? Check your state laws or city restrictions and make sure you don't travel across states without checking whether these devices are allowed in the state you are entering. It's safe to be informed. It's safe to be equipped.

Article Source: Cori Baker

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