Self-Defense: What To Look For in A Great Product - Five Criteria To Help You Choose

In the close to 10 years that I have been in the self-defense products business one of the things that I get asked all the time is what to look for in a great self-defense product. Of course there are many considerations. A lot of people think that money is a key ingredient in making a decision about a self-defense product. And certainly money is important, but money should never be a deciding factor when it comes to defending yourself and possibly saving your life.

Self-defense products have been around for literally centuries. Only in the last decade or so, have they come into their own. We developed some guidelines to help people decide which self-defense product might be best for them for their personal safety and personal security.

First and foremost is legality. Some self-defense products are not legal in all states. Stun guns for example are illegal in nine states. Pepper sprays have restrictions in some cities and states on the amount of the key ingredient, oleoresin capsicum, it can contain. So to avoid getting in trouble, check with your local sheriff's department or go online to look for any restrictions your city or state may have.

Believe it or not, the next thing to look for in a great self-defense product is a great distributor. A great distributor can answer personal questions and customize a program for you. He/she should have a great selection of products to choose from with product guarantees at very competitive prices. But the big thing is customer service and people who can answer questions.

The next criteria will depend on your situation. For example if you are a single woman who works the late shift at a hospital and you are concerned about your safety going to and from your car in a darkened parking lot a panic alarm and pepper spray may be sufficient. This is where a good distributor might be able to help you to customize a solution geared to you specifically.

The next thing to look for in a great Self-Defense Product is selection. Once you decide on, say a pepper spray or a stun gun or whatever your choice is, how big of a selection do you have? Most distributors have a dozen choices and truth be told that's really not very many. So look for a distributor who has a huge selection of products. These distributors usually have lower prices too.

And last but not least, price is a consideration when you get right down to it. Buy a self-defense item that you can afford that will help ensure your personal safety and for personal security.

Article Source: Dave Artman

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