Self Defense: College Campus Co-Eds Need Personal Defense Products-Three Suggestions

Every year thousands of high school graduates head off to college. It is truly a momentous occasion filled with anxiety and joy both for the parents and the new college student. What neither one of them knows is exactly how dangerous college campuses can be.

Officials like to portray their universities as serene, peaceful places and go to a lot of trouble to portray that image with great looking campuses. Underneath the veneer lies a variety of potential problems.

First of all, college campuses act as a magnet for lowlife perverts who see rich college co-eds as targets for all sorts of criminal activity from robbery to assault and everything in between. If that isn't bad enough, you have young adult males who are brimming over with testosterone. Add into that equation some drugs, alcohol and very pretty female co-eds and you have a recipe for all kinds of potentially dangerous situations.

One of the best ways that female college students can protect themselves is to learn about and get some personal defense products. These are nonlethal self-defense products, many of them are similar to or exactly the same as those used by police officers in the performance of their day-to-day duties.

They are perfect for college co-eds both on and off campus. Here are three suggestions for female self-defense, personal security and personal safety.

The first and probably the least expensive are panic alarms or personal alarms as they are called. These are simple devices that are usually battery-operated and emit loud noises when activated. Some personal alarms can be as loud as 130 dB. The purpose of these noisemakers is to draw attention to your situation should you feel threatened and/or to scare away a potential assailant. Some personal alarms can be heard from as far as a quarter of a mile away.

Second on the list are stun devices. And here we're not talking about tasers which are in a different category. Personal defense Stun Devices use high-voltage and low amperage to incapacitate an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes allowing you time to escape. They do this by conducting an electrical charge through two or more probes on one end of the device. When that electrical charge is applied to an assailant it causes his muscles to over work rapidly so he has no energy left. The results are not long-lasting.

And the third suggestion for consideration for female self-defense is pepper sprays, defensive sprays or OC sprays as they are sometimes called. The OC comes from oleoresin capsicum, a powerfully hot pepper derivative that causes extreme pain, coughing and choking, difficulty breathing and nasty tearing of the eyes. Pepper sprays are carried by all police officers and letter carriers of the USPS as a first line of defense against dog attacks.

Those are the three major categories of items for female self-defense and suggestions for personal defense products for personal safety and personal security.

Article Source: Bryan J Buckner

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